Professional Writing Skills Training for KPPU Officials, 29-30 November 2012, Jakarta


KPPU in cooperation with Pro Active Group had just finished the Professional Writing Skills Training in Ibis Hotel Kemayoran, Jakarta. This two-day training aimed to share how to write creatively and neatly so that it is acceptable to be published on media. The facilitator for this training was Mr. P. Hasudungan Sirait.

The training taught the participants on how to start writing and on how to motivate ourselves in writing. This is very important because the capability to write is not inherited. But, it is gained through frequently exercises.

Many important advices were given by Mr. Sirait. It is told that a script should be powerful but stylish enough to read. The words are supposed to be economically used. That is the point ! Other things that Mr. Sirait taught were on how to write a narration, a description, an action, a raw data, even an opinion article. In this point, Mr. Sirait stated the important of using our five senses. 

At the end of the training, Mr. Sirait gave some tips on how to make a good acticle to be published on newspaper/magazine/tabloids. Mr. Sirait was not just give theories, but Mr. Sirait also gave enough time to the participants to do some exercises.

Overall, writing is an interesting activity. It can be done by anyone. It has its borders, but it also can be as it is. Two days seems not enough to deepen the knowledge of writing.

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